Projective Landscape : Stylos : 2006
I won't say much about it, just check out the pictures:

Projective Landscape Photo Report

A very big thank for the Stylos Photo Co. They did a great job photographing the whole conference.
Video of the disscusions online
Checked out all the lectures? And still haven't had enough? Finally all the discussions are online to. In the menu you can find the 'discussions' button which will lead you to a flavor of the real conference atmosphere and the ability to check out the validity of everybody’s argument. Especially the Final forum discussion is nice (and long). Anyway, enjoy!


Edwin Gardner
on behalf of the Projective Landscape crew


Lecture video's online!
If you missed all the fun or where just in Room A and wanted to check out Room TT we present you the solution. All the lectures are online under the 'lectures' link in the navigation menu (right).

If you click the hyperlink the *.MOV will be downloaded. Please note that the audio volume of some of the lectures is very poor (especially friday morning Room A), so put on a headphone and/or crank up the volume with you stereo or something, please help yourself.

The discussions and the forum debate will also be online soon just check stay tuned!


Thank you
The organisation would like to thank the speakers for their efforts, the audience for their patience and everyone who made this conference possible.
We'll do our best to make all the lectures and debates available online as soon as possible.
On behalf of the organisation,

Anselm van Sintfiet


Live Video Stream 'how-to'
Okay watching the live video stream is quite simple:

1. You need Quicktime Player
2. Open Quicktim Player > file > open url
3. For Room A Video feed enter (or copy-paste):

4. For Room TT Video feed enter (or copy-paste):

Note: on Thursday all the lectures will be in Room A (the program changed last minute), Friday in both A and TT

NOTE: If you have no sound using Quicktime, use Real Player, you can also paste the feed adress in the adressbar of your webbrowser, and the associated media player will open

here you have the Last Minute Program

If you have any problems with the feed, please leave a comment and we will try to solve it.


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hooman commented on 21 Mar 2006
het downloaden lukt niet, krijg de melding server niet gevonden!!!!

kristian commented on 20 Mar 2006
gers conferentie'tje hoor edwin en de rest van de crew!

jak commented on 20 Mar 2006
waar kan ik de digitale opnames vinden?

Onno commented on 17 Mar 2006
Ik hoor wel wat!

Onno commented on 17 Mar 2006
Ik hoor wel wat!

marcel commented on 17 Mar 2006
geen geluid! gisteren wel, nu niet

Anna Ghijs commented on 17 Mar 2006
Ik heb de feed geopend in zowel Real Player als met Quicktime en ik hoor niks..

Live Streaming Conference Report
For those of you who can't be present at the conference we are proud to deliver a live broadcast of the lectures and discussions. So check the program and tune in on whatever lecture and/or discussion you would like to follow.

The video streams of the lectures and discussions will stay online for one month after the conference, so plenty of time to catch up, or to see the lectures you missed because you were in the other parallel session.

Stay tuned!

Conference schedule
Finally! Here it is, the conference schedule:
Projective Landscape Conference Schedule (pdf)

The final list of speakers is:
Stan Allen (special apperance)
Robert Somol
Sarah Whiting
Michael Speaks
Roemer van Toorn
Kamiel Klaasse
Reinhold Martin
Peter Trummer
Nikolaus Kuhnert
Diane Ghirardo
Hans van Dijk
Ole W. Fischer
Wouter Vanstiphout
Willem-Jan Neutelings
Naomi Stead
Lara Schrijver
M. Christine Boyer
Arie Graafland
K. Michael Hays

SOLD OUT: Pantheon// Projective Landscape
NOTE: In Dutch only.

We are proud to present this special Projective Landscape edition of the Pantheon//, meant to inform everybody specifically in the Netherlands about what is happening in Delft on the 16th an 17th of March
Attendance = Free

It may have been unclear whether you have to buy tickets to visit the conference. The answer is that the conference is a public event and everybody can attend the lectures and discussions, this is not limited in any way. You may wonder how this is possible with such a conference. It is the philosophy of Stylos that this knowledge and the debate should be as accessible as possible, and no student (or anyone else) should be excluded on financial grounds. One of the conditions which makes this possible is that everybody in the organization of the conference ranging from students to professors collaborate on this event on a voluntary basis.

So there's no reason for anyone to stay at home …

PRESS RELEASE - February 2006
Please check our latest PRESS RELEASE.
This latest press release contains a short outline of the theme of the conference and the most recent list of speakers who accepted our invitation.
Website Launch
Welcome to the Projective Landscape website. From this website we will inform you about the conference that will take place the 16th and 17th of March at our Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. Here you hopefully can find all the information you need, if there are still questions please contact us.

On this website we will keep you updated through press releases, announce new speakers and inform you on other developments around the Projective Landscape project. And of course we hope to see you on the conference in March.

The Projective Landscape Stylos Conference wants to research and explore the similarities between a few -at first sight- seemingly diverse developments within the architecture debate taking place in Europe and the United States. These developments appear to offer a fruitful strategy for architecture in the 21st century. Because this specific debate is very scattered, the conference aims to map and clarify these different developments and hopes to come to a clearer formulation of what now is being referred to as projective practice. By which we mean an architecture that is engaged with the reality of the society in which it is embedded, but focuses on its own discipline instead of looking for legitimatization of its practice in just societal criticism or in disciplines outside itself like sociology and philosophy.